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"As someone who suffers from diabetic nerve pain, this helps with the pain in my feet and knees. Especially at night, lasting at least 6 hours. I would recommend anyone to give it a try."

Anna, Connecticut

Pink Lotus Flower

“This salve is pure, natural magic. The ease of how you apply it speaks to the natural and clean ingredients used in its creation. It works so well for relieving any pain or cramping I have anywhere on my body. I have purchased 3 containers and plan on continuing to buy it for a long time. It is significantly better than the other brands of CBD pain relief I have used from the market.”

Elizabeth, California

Pouring Massage Oil
Herbal oil

“The salve became my best friend! I apply it every day after long hours on my feet. I wake up every morning with brand new feet, thank you.”

Pablo, New York

Pouring Massage Oil
Pouring Massage Oil

Abhyanga/Ayurvedic oil massage with pain salve & cbd

"This treatment was the most divine remedy for the winter blues and post holiday feelings!!! You have such a skill and innate talent for healing one's mind, body and soul. Thank you for sharing your gift and devotion to practicing this ancient healing remedy."


Ali, Massachusetts

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