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Vata Oil 100% Organic (Nervine Tonic)

Vata Oil 100% Organic (Nervine Tonic)

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Vata is a balancing oil for both vata prakriti and vata vikriti (imbalanced) people.

This is a great grounding, stabilizing and mind tonic oil. It contains organic ashwagandha, bala, dashamula blend of herbs, sesame oil and essential oil that is calming and relaxing.


Directions: warm oil and apply to neck, shoulders and any part of the body where you may have more dryness, gently massaging your muscles and joints. Allow yourself to rest with the oil on the body and then take a shower after 30 minutes.

  • Application Instructions

    Warm oil and apply to the whole body, massaging slowly. Allow the oil to sit on the body for 30-45 mins. Shower.

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